Year Of The Dragon [NOT 10/2/24]

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

The Year of the Dragon is supposed to be a lucky year as people who are born under this sign are supposed to be successful and charismatic.

This is why there tends to be a spike in births in a dragon year.

The lucky colors are green and yellow. Presumably you would think that this would be the year of the Oakland, er, Las Vegas A’s… Considering how awful and messed up their team is and how well their move is going… Well if I were them then I would pass on Chinese astrology.

For my family it is reason to eat and celebrate with lots and lots of dumplings.

So do you feel lucky? Or born under a bad sign?

Open Thread!



  1. As an addendum… Today I wasn’t that lucky. I went to see my mom and dad with some Korean snacks and Mandarins to celebrate both the lunar new year and Dad’s 89th birthday.

    Dad was happy to eat some Mandarins and have some sweetened rice cakes, but mom was in full in angry mode today. Reminding me of last xmas when she went full on angry mode at all of us kids.

    Telling everyone how awful they were and disappointed she was with all of them.

    Uh, gong hai fachoi to you too mom.

    I didn’t get angry or upset. With my mom, I get what I get.

  2. happy as a pig in shit me 🙂

    im an 83 model…. the above was not exactly a joke

    honestly…relationship issues aside…. i dont think ive ever been this secure in life since i was a kid and didnt have bills

  3. This is not exactly helpful but I once looked up my birth sign. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but say it was the Year of the Rat. But there are variations, so my year was the Year of the Water Rat. Don’t hold me to this. But it was something like this.

    I had forgotten about the Lunar New Year but some kind of internal memory possessed me and last night, for meatless Friday, I dragged out the wok and we had a “vegetable medley” with lots of rice and soy sauce. Lots of wine, too, of course. Sadly it wasn’t rice wine.

  4. I’ve been mulling over this prompt for a while.

    Because I would say I was born under a bad sign, but it’s based on the socioeconomic situation I was borne into and how my alcoholic father responded to having additional responsibilities. Where this was translated to being told things like “well he wasn’t like this before you were born” throughout my life, starting when I was in middle school.

    But I don’t think that’s luck at all, it’s just people’s actions and emotions.

    You could say I was lucky because I got a good scholarship to a small state college and got the fuck out of my household, but that wasn’t really luck either. That was me working so crazy hard for good grades and “leadership” etc in high school that I looked good to a college, combined with the feel-good “first generation college student” narrative.

    • I agree with blue.

      I think you did pretty damn well for yourself and be proud of what you’ve done as a badge of honor.

      One of the sad/stupid things about dealing with my parents dementia is I am reminded of something an asshole interviewer said to me when I applied for a supervisor job.  He said that he didn’t feel I was “hard” enough mentally to make the right decision. I shrugged it off, but it bothered me for quite some time. Maybe because I was in my mid 20s at the time and still had lingering doubts of my own “manhood”/abilities. I realize now that I do wear my heart on my sleeve (but it’s hard to notice with my resting bitch face/scowl) and will feel the pain, but that never stopped me from doing the right thing for my parents (taking away dad’s license and moving them into care facilities) just like I do at work. I’m proud that I did the right thing for them (as well as at work) regardless of what some projecting asshole thinks/assumes.

      As for luck, well.  Just remember, the man who founded my current employer became a billionaire, but his life ended badly (and murder unsolved.) Goes to show that at times it doesn’t matter what social strata we occupy.

    • minds me of a song i once knew……by a band i forgot

      played on two bass and a drum

      was called monkey boy

      cannot find it for the life of me…..and the demo disc i had it on is in all likelyhood in a tip somewhere

      member getting demo discs with magazines? good times

  5. teee-heeee

    it popped into me head for reasons i cannot begin to explain….

    but i think it translates to you lot were being quiet…and i am for some reason still awake….and you really dont want to know what time it is

  6. *bounces around the room*

    seriously….its nearly who the fuck gave that wanker a bugle o’clock….as the grunts over yonder would put it………and im bored

    you wouldnt like what i dig up when im bored

      • anyhoos im currently enjoying my godless paradise…free from zealots….cept the occasional jehova…and honestly i dont mind them..unless they knock when im on the shitter

        you do you and i do me and the sky fairy will sort us out no?

        sounds like a fair game to me?

        • my apolegies to the christians over here.

          wasnt my place to make jokes about sky fairies

          a failure to respect your belief

          cant expect you to respect my lack of belief if i run roughshod over yours

          my bad

  7. 40min ago, I heard a muffled terrified scream through our baby monitor. So I raced to my kids’ room and they were sound asleep. The scream came from outside but I have no idea where. The same thing happened around this time last night. Now I can’t get back to sleep because of course I’m thinking the worst thoughts about what could cause those screams…

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