…Yes, and?

Like, “Have you met the Band?” or “I’m with the Band” or “why is this asshole always saying ‘Band’?”
[…honestly, I’m not sure I know exactly but it may have something to do with being pissed about the way the Splinter thing went down & then not exactly soothed when they de-coupled us from SplinterRIP when everyone was basically hanging out & goofing off & not doing no harm to nobody anyplace anyone was so much as paying attention outside of a few thousand overly-online denizens of the Kinja platform…who can be sure with these things…]

But here’s the thing…another thing that rhymes with “…Yes, and?” is “helping hand”…& we have several of those around here at Deadsplinter these days…which is great…but we don’t have all the hidden ones that the Kinja platform provided so it’s a little more obvious where we’re trying to paper over the cracks…at least for now…& the crowd is a fickle mistress…

so…even if it might seem like an exercise in self-indulgence…I can’t help but admit that part of the fun (for me at least) in the fast-burning, twin-ended candle that was the pair of RIP sites that ran some righteously riotous revelry on the Kinja platform for a little while was that it seemed like there were people who came to read & comment because they thought there was a conversation to be had…

& they were some smart, snarky & switched on motherfuckers – so if they were here now your ass wouldn’t be stuck listening to me…again…that’s not what I meant when I asked what are you reading for?

So these “Rhymes With” posts aren’t generally going to look like this…hopefully they’ll look a bit more like this sort of thing as time goes by…








because at the end of the day I think there may be something to it – & I don’t think I’m entirely alone in that…


…or maybe I am – who’s to say at the end of the day…



  1. I think there’s a real opportunity here for smart, lively conversation without the pettiness of Kinja. The Clashtalk bunch knows what I’m talking about. As do all the long time Splinter commenters grayed while ugly misogynists ran free. I’m gray on Jezebel now for some unknown reason. I believe I contributed something to the discussions while still being respectful even when disagreeing with others. Maybe I mentioned Discord one too many time, lol. Oh well, Kinja is still glitchy and frustrating anyway. I’ll continue commenting there when I can, but it’s great to have another spot to hang out that’s easier and welcoming. I hope others will feel the same.

    • …so what you’re saying is either we need to ge broad with “Bartalk” or we might need a little corner that is always & forever home to the spirit of one Spider Jerusalem?

      …because my current level of rants’r’us venting is at a conservative estimate probably still well under 50% of the actual levels of underlying ire & general fonts of unspeakable rage against the senselessness of a senseless system that a truly terrifying number of folks seem to be content to just assume will get everything done in the face of literally everything history might seem to suggest to the contrary

      …so I imagine that could be arranged

      …& I’m sure I could think of a few posts’ worth of “yeah – I don’t get that” on the subject of the KInja platform & the general degeneration of a once vibrant community of active commentators who slowly (& with much resistance) got chisled out of their spot in order that some someones could take a loss on an investment that could have made all concerned at least enough to remain viable if, say…you did anything at all that suggested you might be interested in things going that way

      …there’s probably some mileage in that…& like I said, we’re covered in the simmering ire department.

  2. I’m just gonna free vent: I was a commenter on Jez for years before I ventured to Gawker (RIP), and I was ALWAYS GREY. Until Splinter (for awhile).

    I don’t recall attacking anyone nor using much foul language, but I was consistently dismissing abusive replies on the occasion I made it out of the greys, and flagging trolls. That doesn’t make for a pleasant experience. It’s also really hard to engage when your comment languishes in the greys for an indeterminate amount of time. (I wonder how many un-moderated greys are floating about the Kinjaverse right now?)

    I love it here. I don’t have to worry about some rando popping off with some ‘show me your boobs’-type comment (I mean an entirely inappropriate or out-of-left-field comment); or someone calling me a name and telling me where to go, without any other thoughts about my comment.

    I think one of the great failures of that whole mess was the sacrifice of intelligent conversations, by everyone.

    • My comments frequently get starred out of the greys on Jez. Never mattered far as a full ungreying though, apparently. I think they’re extremely selective, but for what reason? That, I can’t say.

    • The stupidest thing was that they built Kinja to reward good commenters, but then just let the system rot from neglect. It required moderation. It required authors to go in and find the good commenters and bring them out. And really, not be so picky about who a good commenter is. If I were in charge, you’d be in the black for just not being an asshole and making intelligent comments.

      • …pretty much the sentiments of the house, as it happens.

        Besides, who could resist our John, there?

        John Constantine…he’s a charming sort of a bastard, everybody says so…& besides, Sean was busy.

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