Yiiiikes [NOT 12/2/24]

Hi, friends!

Tonight’s NOT is themed for situations where you expected to see a massive injury or accident and then nothing happened.

This morning driving to work I was almost hit twice by drivers who just pulled into my lane despite my being there. I assume lots of Missouri residents were extremely hungover after the Superbowl.

Other the weekend I saw a cyclist cut off a city bus moving at a brisk speed. Not gonna like I gasped and thought I was about to see a death but the bus managed to slam the brakes.



  1. Similarly, I saw a cyclist causing cars to swerve because he needed to cross a busy street. And I hate that because I am a transportation cyclist, and this guy was doing everything wrong and did not give a single f-ck about it.

  2. One Interstate I occasionally drive has left exits and entrances, which I despise. They not only mess up any semblance of sorting drivers into fast and slow lanes, people make ridiculously fast lane shifts going in and out of them.

    I exaggerate, but I swear someone recently went from left to right across four lanes of heavy traffic on a sharp diagonal in three seconds.

  3. There’s some left entrances on highways near me because of train tracks. Also more than a few situations like “oh you can get on the highway here and go east bound, but there’s no entrance to go west bound” because of the trains.

  4. a few days ago i saw the reason i dont like staying in the slow lane with the 18 wheelers…not in person thankfully…but happened nearby enough that it turned up in my news

    anyways…….its really quite impressive how small a block of twisted metal a full sized cargo van becomes when smushed between two 18 wheelers in a crash….

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