You Can Do It! [DOT 6/3/23]

I haven’t been to my office in a week so I think today is definitely a donut day. Hope your day starts off sweet!

I mean, duh.

Fact check: Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC

Probably a good career move on his part

Larry Hogan, former Maryland governor and Trump critic, won’t run for president


Stock futures are little changed as investors look ahead to Powell comments, jobs data this week


Salah and Liverpool make history with seven-goal rout of Manchester United

This guy probably hates Mondays too

Have a great day!



  1. I’m at a loss for Trump adjectives now. “Unhinged” has been so overused it’s not meaningless. “Incoherent” confuses MAGAs because it has too many syllables. Things like “dishonest” don’t get used in favor of “error-filled” or “inaccurate.” “Lying” is never identified as such.

    I simply don’t have the language to discuss one of his tirades any more.

    • Part of the problem is the reporting is so threadbare — outlets are throwing tons of resources at covering this, and getting less substance than a typical store about a high school basketball game.

      Everything is at the 30,000 foot level, and completely unwilling to use even rudimentary analytical tools to work out what he is up to, and what he’s up against. They seem determined to all cover the same 1% of what is out there and then refuse to draw anything but the most superficial conclusions they admit were failures years ago.

  2. This is months old, but hilarious, all about everyone’s favorite disgraced former governor.

    It has little gems like “Cuomo had another worry: ‘Why does my nose look big in those pictures?’” “He did have one regret—he may have worked too hard.”

    There’s even a sort of pathetic Captain Queeg moment

    “Didn’t we win an Emmy? Where is that Emmy? I remember seeing the statue!”

    The aide said that she’d look into it.

    “Who took the Emmy?” he said. “You took the Emmy?” (The Emmy was rescinded the day after he resigned.)

    What’s so obvious is that he is incredibly eager for the ego gratification he thinks a podcast will get him, and completely unwilling to put any thought or effort into earning it. Just an awful, insipid man.

    • The headline doesn’t do justice to the article, which goes to great lengths to point out how long Adams has been this way.

      They link to this… thing…. he wrote SIXTEEN years ago parroting Holocaust denial propaganda challenging the standard accounting of six million Jews dying in the Holicaust.

      He’s just asking questions, you see. Is there any real backup to that number, he wonders. He’s never seen any, how could he possibly believe it? Maybe it’s true, he offers, but it does seem to him like people are hiding something.

      Which is the exact same thing Covid propagandists have done now. Wilfully ignore huge volumes of evidence openly available, then suggest it doesn’t exist and someone is hiding the real truth. Just asking questions….

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