You Can Do It [DOT 8/2/23]

Halfway through the week from hell! Yesterday we had a 4 (FOUR) hour partner meeting followed by a 3 hour company dinner. Today we have more meetings in the office, and a client event this evening. I am so over these people! Way too much QT with coworkers.

Hope your week is going well!

Super sad.
Turkey, Syria earthquake death toll passes 5,000; fears of new humanitarian crisis

Black skateboarders on the life and death of Tyre Nichols: ‘He was one of us. That could have been me’

Yaya Touré’s former agent denies receiving secret Manchester City payments


Fed’s Neel Kashkari says central bank has not made enough progress, keeping his rate outlook

The husband-and-wife forgers who fooled the art market — and made millions

As someone with perpetual Resting Bitch Face, I empathize.

A mask of unadorned misery: how Ben Affleck became the world’s biggest meme

Now now Ted

Loving the picture with this one

On routine house call, pest control finds 700 pounds of acorns in the walls

Today in Turtle News:

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    • I went to the former Fly Girl’s (she got her start on “In Living Color” as a dancer, lest we forget) wikipedia page and was rewarded with this:

      LGBTQ culture in Papua New Guinea

      In Tok Pisin, a language spoken in Papua New Guinea, the term palopa is used to describe non-heteronormative people whose identities may correlate with western definitions of homosexual men or trans women; its etymology is derived from the name Jennifer Lopez.[525][526][527]


    • Jenny looked fantastic at the Grammys. Clearly she is draining Ben’s life force through sorcery to maintain her youth and beauty. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

    • I don’t even think it’s anything to do with her. Award shows are boring as fuck to watch, I imagine being there is the worst.

      Like I wasn’t even willing to have the Grammys on TV for the entire show while in my living room also using my laptop. Having to fucking be there in person? I’d 100000000% have resting bitch face, too.

    • One thing that’s interesting to me is that he stuck around for an hour and half after to schmooze.

      The White House press corps has been working since Day 1 to moan about how Biden is aloof and tired — NY Times chief White House reporter Peter Baker wrote a long, front page article “just asking questions” about his age not long ago.

      They ought to just admit they hate Democrats, and they change the rules for what counts depending on the party in office.

      Or I suppose to be fair, some of them aren’t partisan, they just lack the intelligence to analyze on their own, or are too weak to do anything but follow the lead of the mean kids.

    • Personally, I enjoyed MJT’s character in whatever performance piece she was acting out. “Coked-up Aspen ski bunny circa 1979” was an inspired choice. Similarly, I thought Kyrsten Sinema, perhaps the Senate’s most dedicated fashion influencer, really knocked it out of the park with her “Sunburst/Sunshine Superman/Supernova” ensemble.

      As MJT has pointed out, $174K a year for part-time work placing and receiving phone calls from corporate “government liaisons” is practically poverty wages. And yet Kyrsten never seems to wear the same outfit twice. I suspect there is a deeper talent there: she designs and makes her own clothes. Either that, or a discount outlet in suburban Phoenix had a huge Ivanka Trump fashion line close-out sale and she bought six year’s worth of outfits the day she won her election.

      • I forget when it was in the election cycle, but the Republican National Convention spent like $150k on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe back when she was dragging John McCain’s presidential hopes to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

        Anyways, I doubt #girlboss Sinema has spent any of her own money on fashion this year.

  1. And finally:

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes at ‘woke’ left in State of Union response

    Okay, I’m old. I mean, basically boomer depending on how you count. One of you young people help me. Is “woke” still a thing? Anywhere except in Republican speeches? DeSantis screams it all the time, and I have to wonder if I’m not keeping up. Did we see a resurgence in the use of “woke” when I wasn’t paying attention?

    It’s just so weird. Republicans grab at these old buzzwords that nobody’s used in years and wrap up in them like blankets, and everybody else has moved on. See also: antifa. 

  2. It’s more and more obvious Republican leaders and donors weren’t innocents, duped by the resume of Santos.

    His just now ex-treasurer, Nancy Marks has a long list of clients in the NY GOP — “90 candidates, political action committees, and political groups on the New York State-level for whom she is the current treasurer.”

    As that article notes, she represented other shady candidates besides Santos. None of the GOP machine cared that he was a grifter before, and they’re only upset that he got caught.

    Now the PR strategy is to keep the focus solely on him, and in no surprise, the NY Times obliges, running nothing on the Long Island machine.

    Santos represents part of NYC, but the Times is so blind to anywhere outside of the wealthy parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn that it has no idea what the story is. So they just take the framework provided to them by Nancy Marks’ network and go with it. Which of course is how they got embarassingly scooped in the first place.

  3. Nailed it!

    Trump is using this against DeSatan but it will probably help in the QOP…

    When I was in PR a few months ago, we were exploring old San Juan and I was taking pictures of the colorful houses when I started down some stairs.  A local came up to me and said, “you probably want to put that camera away before heading down there!”  I listened to him and put my camera away and avoided the area he referenced.  Now I read this…

    and lastly, I injured my quad last night playing volleyball.  Not super swollen but sure makes it hard to walk.

    • Republicans won’t care that he drank with underage white girls. Republican men are regularly wanking off thinking about being with underage girls.

      Now had they been minorities or heaven forbid gay men, well, different story.

      • There are stories emerging that Trump and RDS are engaged in a whisper campaign about each other, which is probably the source here.

        I think the superficial hope of the DeSantis side of the GOP and corporate establishment is that Trump gets knocked out cleanly and early, which would enhance RDS as a strongman everyone should fall behind.

        I think there are a few bugs in that theory. One is that I think there is still a level of personal attraction for GOP voters that Trump has and RDS struggles to get. Trump is savvy in PR in ways that few people rival.

        I also think Trump’s legal threats mean he has to keep running. Trying to shake him down and buy him out are going to be awfully hard because he needs the legal shield of being in the White House. And if he is indicted, that puts huge pressure on GOP pols to back him to the hilt.

        And I also think the GOP and corporate establishments underestimate what dirt Trump may have on RDS.

        But it’s easy to go back and forth. Trump may be too exhausted to keep it up. He may have more legal problems dropping that make it easier for the GOP to run. You can’t predict things with this guy. But time to sort it out is short. The clock keeps ticking for fundraising, endorsements, and organizing, and primary season starts in less than a year.

        • …I don’t know that he even really needs dirt on desantis, per se…it’s more that too much of the capital desantis is trying to leverage is invested in the base dotardus ex maximus considers bought & paid for…or bought-in & paying as the grift may be

          …& even if he realistically knows he can’t get back into the oval office retaining that asset by refusing to concede he’s not electorally viable is very possibly the last bit of leverage he has to keep the GOP keeping him out of jail

          …to break out the tinfoil headgear for a moment…my gut feeling would be that there’s always been enough cross-contamination between the stuff the GOP is up to & the stuff don mar-ma-lado has made a career of…particularly where the money is concerned…that it’s less of a mutual back-scratching sort of a deal than it is a stab-me-in-the-back-&-I’ll-gut-you sort of a détente

          …nothing else really makes sense to me when it comes to a refusal to cut bait not only on the MAGA shitshow in the form of the impeachment2 brigade but also on the wholesale pseudo-patriotic “values” that make desantis somehow politically attractive rather than some sort of real life grima wormtongue caricature

          …if they could be certain they could amputate dolt45 & ensure the wound was cauterized swiftly enough to preserve the rest of the rotten vine I have no doubt they would have done it long since

          …the mueller report alone catalogued a laundry list of (at best) insanely inappropriate & palpably disqualifying behaviour in foreign policy terms…you could damn near use it as a lesson plan in how to suborn and exploit assets

          …the stuff the times & others put in the public record about the entire family’s wealth stemming from decades of abuse of the public purse ought to have sunk him out of even so much as lip-service to the fiscal probity angle that forced carter to put the ol’ peanut farm in a blind trust (that plowed it into debt while he was busy being president, iirc)

          …the endless cavalcade of stories he himself previously solicited to further his “brand” about what a super-successful supposedly beloved lothario he was…all the way up to hanging with epstein…& their inevitably seedy underpinnings…should have made him radioactive to the “christian” faction

          …& the sheer unimaginable scale of his crass ineptitude taking its toll on the power & influence of the US in geopolitical terms should have made him just as radioactive to anyone with the national interest at heart

          …& that’s’t.include.a.fucking.insurrection.born.of.a.tantrum.because.his.narcissistic.egomania.can’

          …stack on top of that the many, many ways he acted that could reasonably be described as criminal & there is no reasonable world I can conceive of in which his not having been disavowed wholesale & hurled beneath any & all available buses doesn’t rely on the fact that a thorough examination of where all his loose ends lead would produce an endless supply of parallel threads they pretty much all rely on to be the strings they pull to contort the legislature into a parody of itself

          …& maybe ’twas ever thus…but…every so often I like to entertain myself by trying to imagine what things would look like if all the god-awful assholes who stay out of prison on account of how they keep other god-awful assholes out of prison got to keep each other company in prison after entertaining me for a year or two with saturation coverage of the biggest RICO case ever conceived of

          …& then I realize how far from reality that seems to have taken me & have to scrabble about a bit to require something akin to a reasonable perspective on the relative awfulness of the next round of the newscycle

          …I’d call it a merry-go-round…but there’s been a marked absence of merry for about as long as I can recall?

          • I keep coming back to the issue that while Trump is a dolt, he’s great at PR in ways that most of the GOP and press don’t begin to fathom.

            And a lot of the point of spreading dirt has less to do with the value of it by itself, and more to the basic fact that if he goes all out against RDS, that threatens to suck all of the air out of the rest of the campaign.

            The press still doesn’t get how Trump releases of dirt on himself — how he uses it to distract from bigger issues, entangle his allies, preempt internal rivals, or show his own invulnerability. He always wants to fight on his own terms, in the swamp.

            I think he often aims at doing all of these things at once, and he’s trying to prey on GOP establishment worries that RDS would be better off running in 2028. Usually candidates are already running for president by this point, and the longer he can keep his GOP rivals from jumping, the harder it gets for them to stop him. He doesn’t need a knockout blow, he just needs to keep scraping his nails on the chalkboard.

            • …I think at least some part of it is a result of the fact that whilst ostensibly they’re all trying to outplay one another at the same game his objectives aren’t really theirs & in a lot of ways it’s more that their “games” overlap

              …he’s still doing exactly what he’s always done…& expecting to get away with it the same ways…just writ larger…it’s the product of a lifetime’s series of escalatory cons…the sort that you don’t get to skate on unless your downfall “embarrasses” the right people enough that they’ll bend the rules enough to avoid the prospect…& thereby the issue…that’s how daddy & roy cohn taught him

              …that side of the thing…the kind of lawyers who ought to be against the law & accountants who can be counted on to cook the books & sketchy “fixers” who can launder your dirty linen as you serially show your ass…that’s always been his home turf

              …getting to play by campaign finance rules was his idea of kid-in-candy-store paradise…& he’s genuinely the right combination of narcissistic, entitled, privileged & all around dunning-kruger-ed enough to really believe that if he just hangs on by using the same old tricks then the elephant on the other end of the tail will only fuck up other people

              …but…until the last sliver of possibility it might happen gets snuffed out I’m going to continue believing that people like him…however big of a deal they believe themselves to be…only get away with their shit by virtue of not drawing sufficient attention to themselves…& however adroit he may be at fielding hack lawyers or trading favors & influence or getting cozy with his preferred flavor of media…he genuinely seems not to have understood the first thing about how much attention a president gets paid…or how much record keeping gets done…let alone what the fucking job entails…or the things one can’t do…so…to mix my metaphors…that ship may be doing its best impression of having sailed but my bet is he’s holed below the waterline & it’s a question of when rather than if he goes down

              …so…I don’t know that PR is quite the term for the thing he’s good at…it’s not quite the same thing as the russian full-spectrum war approach but it’s got some similarities beyond just the parts where parts of that playbook gave/give him the old “active measures” assist

              …but…the continuing progress of the likes of MTG or gaetz or desantis or [insert seemingly endless list of bar-lowering political candidates] notwithstanding…it’s actually a pretty bad fit if you’re looking to play politics as a career in the US…there’s a reason they call the quiet part that…& it’s all about being willing to turn everything up to 11…so…maybe it’s naïve…but I think they could still “find out” after all the fucking around they’re so proud of?

        • I agree. Trump won’t back out if he’s being investigated. It’s a slim hope, but it’s the only hope he has. So he’ll run third-party if he has to.

          In addition, it’s still helping him bilk the MAGA rubes. So there’s that.

          • …I can’t help but feel like him running as a third party is in the lead for my best case scenario, to be honest

            …at worst he splits the vote & makes it harder for the (R) ticket…hopefully just enough & in all the right places to more than compensate for the full suite of voter suppression, gerrymandering & selective disenfranchisement that their success is pretty much entirely contingent upon

            …at best he turns the entire campaign into an absolute bloodbath fighting like a cornered rat as he gets battered by a sequence of legal losses & the entire (R) campaign implodes so badly the dems walk off with the trifecta

            …my paranoid nightmare is that he gets convicted in time to be dragged out of the race & the crazies throw in with desantis or whatever gremlin the GOP summons up to try to free their martyr

            …so maybe they’re right about how it’s all about the timing?

              • …the way I…for want of a better term…console myself about the prospect of an early conviction taking him out of the running is that he isn’t going to stop fucking the race up for whoever gets the ticket until his appeals get all the way to the supreme court he thinks owes him a free ride but which is more than likely to decide they don’t give a fuck about his fate…& he’d have lawyers galore trying to argue he could still run even from jail

                …a smarter guy might be willing to go quietly on the understanding that by pushing “his” voters behind the (R) ticket he could get himself a presidential pardon…but he is seemingly congenitally incapable of shutting the fuck up…least of all when he thinks he’s got a grievance

                …& I don’t think all that has time to happen before nov ’24 even if they slap cuffs on him next week

                …possibly the worst silver lining in the history of shitty clouds…but…he’s their albatross for the duration, I think?

                • This whole argument is why I don’t understand why the ambitious presidential hopefuls are not helping to get him indicted.  You know the Murdoch and Koch crew could get him thrown in jail in nothing flat if they really wanted to do it.

                  • …I’ve seen a few things saying the koch money never threw in for primaries before but they aim to spend against him this go around…so it’s sort of happening…& murdoch tired of his bullshit diminishing the returns a while ago even if a bunch of his minions still seem all-in

                    …but there’s theil money & mercer money & why-do-these-assholes-always-have-so-much-fucking-money money…& they all want enough off the carcass to wind up with the most red meat for the base

                    …so I think they’re all manoeuvring & out-manoeuvring each other enough to be too busy trying not to trip over themselves to actually be sure enough to take the shot

                    …&/or the collateral damage would fuck up the RoI on the other politicians they count on to further their interests & they don’t want to accidentally provoke an outbreak of democracy susceptible to social justice or wealth distribution?

  4. welp…that’ll learn em

    oooo a hundred grand….im sure the 30 billion dollar corporation learnt its lesson now and will do better

    between shit like that and plans to replace russian gas by drilling more at home i really dont think we are planning to do much about the whole pollution thing

    we also wont be paying for any excess electricity you might make with your solar panels anymore….and will be raising the price of electricity…..

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