You Got This [DOT 18/5/22]

Happy Wednesday gang! Hope you all are hanging in there. I personally match the header image!

But hey, at least I’m not this guy:

Trump-backed Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes North Carolina Republican primary race

Glad he’s feeling much better!

John Fetterman wins Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania after health scare


Netflix lays off 150 employees as the streaming service contends with big subscriber losses

Thanks I love him… (This is old, but I still love him)

This seems shady af.

US sues casino mogul Steve Wynn to compel him to register as an agent of China


Tiger Woods backs PGA Tour and criticises Phil Mickelson comments

Look at this self-starter!

Have a great day!



  1. Speaking of stonks, now that Elon Musk has dealt a staggering blow to what was a somewhat stable but weird social media company (they’re all weird), here’s a nice piece from Newsweek. Deploy your most effective adblocker; this site is a hellish mess:

    Or don’t even bother and let me do the work for you. Here are my two key takeaways:

    Almost half of President Joe Biden‘s current 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake accounts, according to an audit tool provided by software company SparkToro.

    SparkToro’s tool found that 49.3 percent of accounts following the official @POTUS Twitter account are “fake followers” based on analysis of a number of factors, including location issues, default profile images and new users.

    [article continues, but it doesn’t mention that there’s no reason to follow Joe Biden on twitter because when he doesn’t speak extemporaneously there is usually a coordinated message from the White House that can be found in other venues, and he’s not in the habit of tweeting from the toilet at 2:30 AM unlike–]

    Musk’s account has more than 93.3 million followers and SparkToro’s tool found that 70.2 percent of those accounts are fake.

    Lulz. Do people still say that? Joe Biden could take or leave Twitter but the Trump-like Musk probably considers it his most valuable messaging tool. I await his announcement that he isn’t buying twitter once he discovered that more than 2/3 of his “followers” were spambots, and far fewer (about 68 million) people care about what he has to say than he had previously imagined.


    • The statue got pelted with eggs within hours of the unveiling by people who remember what she did. Note the barriers in the background.

      Seeing how eggs are tripled in prices in some US market (thanks, bird flu), I would have gone with balloons of paint. But UK is didn’t have to cull millions of chickens like us I guess.

  2. Hate to call BS on the philly vid, but there was not a cloud in the sky yesterday, and EVERYONE is wearing a mask. I do love the enthusiasm tho..


    Ninja edit…. original tweet from Oct 2020

  3. Our Fetterman sign is front and center in the yard; yesterday a delivery person left us a pro-Fetterman note with the package. The competition for the fall, the Dr. Oz race, is still too close to call. And, I mail in my vote because my voting precinct is much too stuffy to dance while waiting. Everyone is very hush-hush, like they would be in church.

    • Lucky you for having mail-in voting. In New York we have it, but it’s still absentee voting, and it used to be almost impossible to qualify for a ballot. With the onset of Covid-19 Emperor Andreus Marcus Maximus, in his most gracious and benevolent wisdom, agreed that fear of or suffering from Covid would allow a registered voter to receive and submit a ballot by mail absentee, but that is by the sufferance of the Governor.

      We recently had a referendum to allow mail-in balloting to be added to the State Constitution and it failed. Why? Because in the Republican districts and elsewhere there was massive multimedia push that it was nothing but a statewide voting fraud scheme. There was no pushback from the Democrats. Why? My thoughts: The Democratic establishment machine doesn’t want voters to actually show up at the polls any more than the Republicans do. The excuse from the loathsome Jay Jacobs, Chair of the State Democratic Party: “No one asked us to do anything.” (Jay Jacobs is also the head of the Nassau Democratic Party, on Long Island. In 2020 Nassau went entirely red. Aside from being one of the only Cuomo consiglieri not pushed out of politics, for this alone he should lose his job.)


    • I was going to ask you who you liked in that race. I really like Fetterman – I think he’s great for shaking things up. He did really well. I think the main marks against him are some racial issues from when he was mayor? I don’t know if he’s addressed them or not. I follow him, Giselle and Artie and Levi on twitter and I gave to his campaign. I spent some time in Pittsburgh on a show and really liked it, so even though I don’t live there I feel a connection to the place.


      I grew up around antique dealers–msny of whom were WW2 vets/lived through that era.

      One, who fought in the war and  later became small-town newspaperman, had a LARGE collection of war memorabilia, and multiple items from WW1 & WW2 Germany.

      Clint was a GREAT guy, as was Helen his wife (i knew them both well throughout my childhood). He had the German memorabilia, because he felt that it was important that folks in our oart of MN–faaaar removed from Nazi Germany–know, understand, and remember, that YES the atrocities were REAL, and YES, if we don’t keep our guard up, it CAN happen both here & again!

      The fact that Sinclair Lewis was from two towns away (Sauk Centre) from Brooke, and that Clint was incredibly well-read also likely impacted his desire to keep folks aware.

      Clint was the one I’ve mentioned before, who tried to vet who he sold the Nazi memorabilia to *very* carefully. He never sold it to a first-timd customer, who he didn’t know. He knew even back in the 80’s, that Neo Nazis WERE around in our rural area, and he refused to let the items fall into their hands if he could. He typically only sold it to history buffs, history teachers, or folks he’d known for years.

      There IS no “funny” or joking, when it comes to that stuff. If it’s not being used for educational purposes? Then the person who holds it is someone to stay the hell away from, period.

      And that lady should definitely cut ties, asap, because that guy is either a 100% gaslighter, a closeted nazi/neonazi, or someone whose head is not screwed on straight! (And who’s NOT to be trusted at ALL!!!)

      • You never know who’s a damn Nazi these days.

        As a modeler, I’ve built my share Allied targets er Nazi vehicles. From a aeronautic perspective, German planes were world beaters and I’ll build anything at least once. Not so much the Nazi armor like Tigers etc though because well, a lot of blood there. The modelers I typically stay away from are the ones who make ONLY Nazi armor or aircraft (for some strange reason I don’t fucking get is a lot of Asian modelers fall into this category.)

    • And another bit of random trivia, the Culligan Man empire also got started here im MN;

      He was a relative on my mom’s side of the family–iirc Mom’s Grandmother was the sister who immigrated to Canada with her two brothers, during The Potato Famine, and Emmett was a son/grandson of one of those brothers.

      He was an inventor and also a bit of a wanderer (or REALLY fucking ADHD most likely, in today’s terms!😉😆😂🤣), because he was CONSTANTLY going off on travels/wanderings/adventures, and had a half-dozen or more “careers”/jobs before (and after) being known as “The Culligan Man”😉😄


  4. The follow on the egg tweet is great as well:

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