You! Yes, you! What’s something you’re doing for yourself this week? [NOT 2/12/20]

Good evening, friends! Times are stressful. Many folks are very busy and always rushing to do things for others.

What’s something this week that you’re doing, just for you? How does this action help improve your week?

Are you cleaning a spot that has clutter annoying you? Finishing a book, movie, etc that you’ve been enjoying? Getting some privacy to relax away from the family?

I’m getting my first laser hair treatment on my legs tonight. I hate shaving and don’t want to deal with it and any irritated/ingrown hairs ever again. And by every again I mean after the sessions are all completed and I’ve fried my hair follicles to death. Can’t wait!!!!!



  1. I am going out to my first fancy meal since COVID this Sunday (eating outside!!). It’s a Christmas tradition for me and my friend – the restaurants here do a prix fixe thing in December called Reveillon which is some sort of French tradition. I ammmm excited.

  2. Well, winter is setting in, which means no garden to tend and no general outside work to deal with.  So, it’s time to start playing Civilization again.  I just downloaded a new scenario pack so I plan to check it out.  It’s not much, but it’ll be fun.

  3. I did a at home spa night on Monday and I’ll probably do another one this weekend. I’ve also been able to enjoy the cheese, chocolate, and hard seltzer advent calendars I bought. It’s nice to have daily treats since work has been incredibly busy. 

    • I was at Trader Joe’s today and bought myself a Cocktail Hour Advent Calendar. The truffles are tiny but I never eat candy so it’s a special treat for me. 

  4. Rude of you to post a picture of me just like that. 

    I stopped work early last night and made myself a nice dinner last night of honey soy glazed chicken. 

    • You look younger without the glasses, imo.

      Coincidentally, it is specifically shit like this I finished cleaning up this week.

      I’m still not quite caught up on my “coherency” in the game of English but as long as we’re both waving to one another on the same frequency and maintaining our synchronised form, the phase difference will be consistent with an ideal property of waves that enable that of a stationary interference…but ONLY a stationary interference…unlike the ones less coherent than this.

      • …it might just be a trick of the light…but I think it might help if you look at it from the right angle?

        …so thank you for your efforts…they do say the best bouncers clean house without disturbing the party…so if there’s nothing to see here that would seem to me a pretty coherent statement in & of itself

  5. Living alone means pretty much everything I do is for me, so I do get a kick out of doing something for someone else. This week I’m writing out cards for a knitting group card swap. I always like to put some little crafty thing in my cards, and this year my neighbor helped me make something pretty cool. So, yeah, I’m excited to send them out. This reminds me of that whole debate about altruism, is it ever a selfless act?

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