Your Opinions Needed [NOT 22/2/21]

image of brownie a la mode and a carafe of milk

Hi, friends! I learned something new tonight. I had a full day of meetings and decided I needed ice cream after the day to reward myself. Which got me to thinking about questionnaires and your opinions! And then I was convinced there had to be a way to embed polls here.

With the day I had, it was nice to figure something out!



  1. Now I want brownies… but I’ll settle for the ice cream in my freezer. I’ve been splurging on Jeni’s ice cream all pandemic long. It started with their non-dairy options because I was on a restricted diet due to breastfeeding. Now I’m just addicted to the quality of their products. My current favorite is salted peanut butter and dark chocolate flecks.

    • As a nosy Brooklynite, I want to lift up the Jeni’s flavour “Brooklyn Blackout Cake!” It incorporates generous sections of the legendary Brooklyn Blackout Cake (complete with pudding-like icing sections between chocolatey cake layers) from the departed Brooklyn institution Ebinger’s Bakery. So good, I almost prefer the ice cream to the actual cake.

    • Exactly! I picked ice cream because it’s my top go-to, but a brownie sundae or a warm chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream is the absolute best. 
      Not a big cake person though. And I like custard type pies but I’m not huge on fruit pies. 

  2. I will pretty much eat any dessert put in front of me. If not for obesity and scurvy i could live off of sweets. Regularly, i just get ice cream from the store or DQ in the summer. But I loooove me some pie. Lemon meringue, French silk, cherry, pumpkin, om nom nom.

  3. i live a joyless life and dont like sweets…lol
    never do desserts in any event
    when the warm arrives i will occasionally get ice cream tho…but just as a treat..not dessert
    i do love my magnum almonds

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