Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Well, Sort Of?

DeadSplinterites…DeadSplinterati…ummm…you lot?

You may or may not have noticed but there’s actually come to be sort of a schedule in these parts. No, really – it’s subtle (by which I mean you might not have noticed) but it’s there. Only we’re changing it. So it only seemed fair to let you know. After all, we wouldn’t want it to come as a surprise. Well, any more of a surprise than that there’s a schedule in the first place. You get the point.

All times Eastern:

Then there’s stuff that isn’t regular as such but we always like to see. Like random Listifications. Or like Loveshaq’s Bird Droppings or their Hopped Up posts. Or the ever enlightening Lemmy Q&As that pop up every so often. Like their Whisky You Can Drink they’re always a welcome sight.

Just like it is when someone lets us know that they Did a Thing – which, as it happens, Memeweaver recently did so that’s something to look forward to. Probably around 2pm on Tuesday, in fact.

So there you have it. Oh, and while I have your attention…

…one more thing…


…the folks who put together posts do so out of the goodness of their hearts – but if you pay them back with a comment or two apparently that makes it worth their while so don’t be shy. There’s more where that came from but you’re more likely to hear about it if they know they aren’t talking to an empty room?

We want to hear from you is what I’m saying. I mean, I know I don’t want to hear from me or I’d just be talking to myself and I wouldn’t have to type or remember where the punctuation is supposed to go. So help me out here and try not to leave the nice folks hanging when they’d rather be hanging out with you?

If you wanna post on DS send me a message @myopicprophet or -if you’re a loyal lurker- email

As it was rightfully pointed out BTL, if you do write posts ’round here, uncheck the “uncategorized” category, which is dedicated for random Farscy posts…usually when most of us are sleeping.

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  1. Thank you for your service Myo! And, I’ll play team booster this morning – everyone is doing great work – let’s keep up that enthusiasm. I’d rather be here than Dailykos – those people are flat out mean.

  2. I want to let everyone know that both Coffee Break and Happy Hour are essentially open threads. Feel free to talk about whatever. And if anyone wants to be an occasional barista or bartender pm me. 

  3. On commenting:  There seems to be a fairly short window to comment before people move on to the next article.  If I go away for the weekend, there is no point in Commenting on Brain Drain on Monday morning, for example, because everyone has moved on.  This is why I wish this platform operated a little more like a message board, where comments were maybe prioritized as much or more than the actual posts.  I know you can see the latest comments if you use the dashboard, but I don’t know if everyone knows about that or has access to it.

    • …I get that…it’s kind of a functionality headache that I’m pretty sure myo’s lost sleep over?

      …one of the things that the kinja platform did was give you handy notifications that so&so had said such&such in reply to something on a thread…but it turns out that replicating that is what a friend of mine would call a “non-trivial problem”

      …it’s certainly something (much like the “edit window”) that we’d like to find a way to do something about…but we also don’t want myo to have a nervous breakdown…so if you have ideas I’m pretty sure he’d like to hear them…but it might not happen fast?

        • …I think the kinja way of doing it was more by way of telling you when someone replied to a specific comment of yours rather than anytime anyone posted to a thread you’d commented on…& the notification acted as a link that dropped you straight to that reply so it was easy to keep an active conversation going without having to navigate your way there…& there was a little preview so you had a sense of whether it was worth bothering with…but that’s a lot of bells & whistles were not likely to have anytime soon

          …but you make a good point & I’m sure I’m not the only one mulling over whether there might be something we could do about it?

            • …the right hand “tab” on the “sticky notes” thing lists the most recent comments but I’m guessing you were thinking maybe more like a scrollable list or something?

              • No, that thing could work, if it was set as the default and provided a detail on what article/post the comment was associated with.  Right now it defaults to most recent articles, which is sort of redundant if I’m already looking at the front page of the site.

    • @lemmykilmister Well,  la-di- da, look at you with your weekends away, people to see, your LIFE! *sigh*
      Just kidding. I sort of know what you mean. I try to do most of my chores and errands in the morning so by the time I have a chance to reply to the DOT everyone else has already said what I was thinking, usually much better than I could have. So I don’t often comment. But it’s not from a lack of support. 
      You, on the other hand, probably have valuable insights to contribute. I doubt anyone would mind you referring to an earlier post or thread, especially if you linked to it so they could refresh their memory. 

  4. @lemmykilmister @splinterrip

    I have made it so 100 comments show in the Sticky Notes. I have also added “Recent Comments” to the bottom which shows the dates and posts (the sticky notes cannot show dates and posts).

    If you like the “Recent Comments” I will keep it. If the comments in Sticky Notes is good enough, I’ll remove the Recent Comments (which is what I’d prefer but IDC all that much either way.


    • …I guess I’d note that 100 comments is a fair bit of scrolling…particularly on a phone…maybe it might be worth going with 50?

      …it’s a bit of a duplication, too…but the “recent comments” version does have the advantage of telling you which thread the comments are from so I think it’s arguably closer to the sort of thing I imagined lemmy to have in mind?

  5. So if anyone ever wants to do a NOT, by all means go for it.

    NOTs tend to be “what was I thinking about at about 45 minutes before I posted” or one of the recurring themes (what’s for dinner, whine with me posts, unpopular opinions, good things posts, etc).

    If you have an idea for a fun evening chatter topic for a NOT but you don’t want to fuss with writing it? Always feel free to send me a message!!! Or do an @brightersideoflife and tag me with your idea. 🙂 

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