Your Sports Highlight of the Day Is This Big Boy Three-Pointer

Your sports highlight of the day is Jackson State team manager and all-around king Thomas “Snacks” Lee draining the deep three on senior night: 

With two minutes left in the game and the home crowd chanting “We want Snacks!” Jackson State coach Wayne Brent obliged. Lee missed his first three shots, but you’ll notice UAPB gives Lee plenty of space beyond the arc — a clear show of respect for Lee’s arm. On his fourth attempt, Snacks’ aim is true and Lee E. Williams Athletics & Assembly Center goes off. 

You may recall No. 35’s prior highlight reel. The internet was certainly pleased to remember its boy last night: “Snacks” was trending on Twitter. 



  1. Daaaaayyyyyuuuummmm, Snacks was FEET beyond the arc,and drained that 3 like it was a free throw!!!!!?!?!?!!


    That was AWESOME😳🤗😁

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