Your Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Buzzer-Beating Kobe Bryant Tribute

Your sports highlight of the day is this buzzer-beating Kobe Bryant tribute: 

Basha (Ariz.) high school junior Trenton McLaughlin hits the shot now heard ’round the internet to lift his team to victory and give basketball fans everywhere goosebumps.

The video posted by Braydon Nako on Twitter opens with the caption “for kobe” and shows a fan in the stands holding aloft Bryant’s No. 24 Lakers jersey before zooming in on the scoreboard tied 48-48. Then, with just over a 4 seconds on the clock, Basha inbounds the ball and needs just one quick pass to find McLaughlin — wearing No. 24 — streaking down the left wing.

The play ends exactly as Basha’s coach and no doubt the universe drew it up: McLaughlin’s off balance shot is good. Very good. And with zeros on the clock, Basha’s joy is joy of sports fans around the world, a brief moment of catharsis in the midst of mourning the death of a basketball icon


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