Your Sports Highlight of the Day Is This Sweet Jack-Nuzzling Bowl

Your sports highlight of the day is this sweet jack-nuzzling bowl from World Bowls Champion Nick Brett:

Bowls, of course, because I totally know and didn’t have to look it up, is a game played within a “rink” on a lawn, mat, or turf. The objective, as Brett so kindly demonstrated, is to roll a “biased” bowl as close as possible to the “jack.” Or, in layman’s terms: roll the big wobbly ball close to the little ball and block your opponent’s big wobbly balls.

In a way, bowls is quite similar to bocce and curling, in that a casual fan might think, “hey, I could do that!” only to be laughed at by old Italian men or swept off the ice by little brooms.

Brett, obviously, is very good at bowls. He has already claimed titles in the Open and Mixed Pairs at this year’s tournament and has advanced to the second round of the Men’s Singles bracket.



  1. Do we call him Baller or Bowler?

    • I can confirm he is a baller bowler.

  2. That was one sweet shot.

  3. Wow. I figured out the rule as that was happening and that really is impressive.

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