…you’re barred [DOT 11/2/20]

…I don’t know as any of us have been at whatever it is we do hereabouts for there to be a way to the way we do things to depart from but I guess I generally try to make sure that there’s something here that isn’t just me wittering into the void about whatever most recently made me cranky…& generally that tends to be by way of a scattering of links to the news of the day & maybe something that might be worth listening to, or raise a smile, or have some other property that the day’s news almost invariably fails to provide

…but sometimes maybe that isn’t the way to go…either that of I’m just that much beyond cranky that some of the associated backlog of crank-inducing bullshit already perpetrated by an administration that puts the sham in shambolic on a daily basis picked today to boil over

…anyway…you might remember that thing about the Iowa Caucus having trouble with their phone lines being jammed by nuisance callers…& how a lot of those callers found the numbers in some decidedly pro-trump backwaters of the internet

…well…as Hello America drew to my attention & you can read about over at Newsweek & the NYT & most likely some other places…that connection is a tad more blatant than you might have expected to be explicitly obvious rather than merely a natural assumption

Hello America:
Um so the RNC are the ones who jammed up the Iowa phone lines. https://www.newsweek.com/rnc-funded-roughly-11000-automated-calls-jam-house-democrats-phone-lines-amid-impeachment-1469719

…now your first thought might be something along the lines of “that shit ain’t right” & your second thoughts might follow pretty swiftly on its heels suggesting that sort of thing must surely be (among other things) an improper use of funds in connection with an election…& isn’t that generally the sort of thing the FEC was put together to do something about?


…so…unless somehow an extra chair or two can magic their way past Switch-Bitch Mitch’s patented formula for reducing the Senate to the enforcement status of a stitch&bitch session with an insane catering bill…no quorum

…no quorum, no more investigations originating with the FEC…which is plenty fucked up…but then there’s presumably other places you might expect to step up & check that balance like a clothesline delivered by Dwayne Johnson

…until you realize that folks have been fired, resigned or otherwise been induced to relinquish control across pretty much all those institutions…the FBI…the SCOTUS…pretty much anyplace the God-forsaken Obfuscatory Perpetrators have left their fetid trail of slime & corruption…including of course the DOJ…which apprently lives next door to Tracy Chapman

…because now that they went ahead & acquitted the indelibly-impeached & conspicuously guilty malefactor posing as the titular leader of the free world in the worst reality show ever made…apparently Billy Boy is all:

fuck it, I guess the quiet part is just all the parts now…
yup, you read that right…they aren’t even bothering to pretend to pretend any more…


…because apparently this shit just wasn’t enough to quell the abject terror the incipient spectre of electoral defeat inspires in these sociopathic sycophants







…& these assholes can’t get the IRS to give up a few measly tax returns for a shitbag shyster who despite being president is also on the record for unrepentantly ripping off every investor he ever had & a whole bunch of people who thought they were due an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work…neither of which Bubba the Hutt would recognize if they smacked him in the jowls with a wet fish…because…because I dunno…Kafka was a prophet or some shit?

…mind you, at least there’s a chance some of these assholes will be serving out a sentence or two…even if they are shorter than deserved


…there’s other news in the usual profusion but to be perfectly honest with you I’m about done for today with the sifting any kind of truth from the seething morass of willfully-ignorant partisan bullshit & just flat-out insane disinformation that altogether too big a swathe of society seems to be consistently mistaking for actual information to regurgitate in place of that painful process known as thinking…particularly the critical kind…in every fucking sense

…so fuck that for now…instead I’d like to share with you a theory that has no business in a legitimate forum for intelligent debate…& yet arguably manages to have more substantive attributes than 98% of Dolt45-related discourse

…little bit of context in case anyone happens by who is somehow unaware…for the record the show Scooby Doo is considered* to be a work of almost sublime counter-cultural sub-textual significance in which the original pair of anti-heroes plied their cowardly but serendipitously effective sleuthing skills to the detriment of many a shifty old white guy
*[…by some people, anyway]

well, not every one…

…& as such the introduction of the gung-ho, up-&-at-’em upstart that was Scrappy Doo was harder for some to swallow than others

…I mean, it’s not that there’s exactly something specifically terrible about him…& the younger generations seemed to be partial to the idea…in some cases even by preference to the old guard…what with all that “puppy power” business

so…wait…the bad guy dies in this one…?

…so…& hear me out on this…does that remind anybody of anybody?

…because I think this is an utterly ridiculous headline the authors of which ought to be ashamed

that dog won’t hunt…he’s clearly the pup, people…

…yeah, okay…it’s hardly important…but it was either that or start here & then really kick off



  1. “until you realize that folks have been fired, resigned or otherwise been induced to relinquish control across pretty much all those institutions…”

    Tbh, this was what I was worried about, back in the early days of this maladministration, when so many experienced folks were retiring or getting out, and were being seen for it & celebrated…😕

    It meant that trumpco’s con folks had more chances to either simply bungle shit, *or* fuck it up with malicious intent.

    And now we’re here☹

    • Yeah. I think at the beginning we never even dreamed we would get to this point, of the entire Republican party openly allowing him to be a criminal. I had so many conversations about whether Pence would be worse as if that was ever on the table. So back when we were cheering these people on, we thought our government could still function. ☹️

      • I’d still take fatty over american pope. Ampope seems more like a ‘respect others in public, fuck them with how i govern’ efficient evil. Fatty is evil but not so efficient evil. I think!

        • I take Mother’s Best Boy over President Fuckface in this here election year, because I think him running for reelection would be a joke (especially because you know Trump would try to take him down with him, if he ever actually went down). But as actual presidenting goes, I agree with you.

  2. We are living in a world where Richard Condon satire has become reality. And the criticism of his books was often that they were too over the top. But nothing he wrote was more outrageous than the things the GOP are doing.

  3. They are openly stealing our elections now. It is so important that people who are maybe not enthusiastic about voting or focused on their primary pick understand that. This election is about overcoming incredible odds, and the stuff that usually matters in an election just doesn’t. We can talk about this candidate or that candidate and can Pete turn out the black voters and if Bernie is not the nomination who will stay home but that is all fucking small potatoes. Frankly, M4A vs ALMOST M4A is small potatoes. Public college for some vs all is small potatoes. This election is way bigger than those policy differences and they are not going to matter at all if the Senate doesn’t flip (meaning turn out in ALL states, not just swing, is important).

    I’d like to take comfort in the fact that they are clearly sure they can’t actually win real elections anymore, but I can only take that comfort if their efforts do not succeed.

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