Yup! [DOT 5/11/21]

man throwing paperwork in the air and quote "looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock"

Hi gang – I hope everyone had a great week. It went by pretty fast for me and I hope for you as well!

Surprised they didn’t make him foreman, given the judge.

Kyle Rittenhouse juror dismissed for making joke ‘in bad taste’ about police shooting of Jacob Blake

Maybe someone should send her a nice chianti?

Ghislaine Maxwell jail conditions rival Hannibal Lecter’s, lawyers say


Diwali 2021 in Photos:


Peloton shares fall 24% as company posts wider-than-expected loss and slashes full-year outlook


Aaron Rodgers’ Covid-19 case is a failure of leadership that won’t be forgotten

Not a Douche
Buster Posey’s career was like no other in Giants history

The worst Chris. The Twitterverse is dragging Chris Pratt for this cringey tweet.

Palate cleanser after that:

Have a great Friday!



  1. That Pratt tweet is actually (probably inadvertently) worse than it seems. He also has a son by his first wife, Anna Faris. The son, Jack, was born two months premature, suffered cerebral bleeding, has had multiple surgeries, and is somehow slightly disabled. Pratt appears to be a devoted father to both, but to say that the new model “gave” him “a gorgeous healthy daughter” (emphasis mine) is unfortunate phrasing. Jack is now 9, presumably can read and interested in his father’s doings.

      • …I know that post of his wasn’t directly from there but I’ve definitely heard it said that you never want to be twitter’s “main character” for the day…although I guess that wouldn’t be “the whole internet”…either way it doesn’t help that he keeps reminding me how long ago it was that he was some fool with a busted leg on parks & rec?

      • It seems like he was being facetious.  I’d spend some more time trying to parse the words, but I can’t remember who Chris Pratt is or why he is famous, so it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

        • …it might be that his mrs thinks he was funny…but context is a minefield online & in the context of some of the stuff he’s said & done publicly it might seem like it reading differently to a bunch of folks wouldn’t have come as a surprise to him

          …I don’t really “do” instagram but my understanding is that if he didn’t want the world & their dog to weigh in on how it looks to them he could have avoided that?

          …I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he assumed people would see it as self-deprecating & I’m pretty sure I know some people who’d read it that way…but I get why others would find it…let’s call it off-putting?

    • Yes! His son is exactly where my mind went to when he chose to describe his daughter as “healthy”. Even if he didn’t intend it, at the very least it was an insensitive choice of wording.

  2. The Department of Labor released a strong jobs report, with employment up by 531,000 and the unemployment rate down to 4.6% from over 6% when Biden took office.

    I’m sure the media’s take will be anxiety about employment making inflation worse and how we need to start firing more people and cutting wages, never mind that employment shortages are what are making the supply problems behind inflation worse.

  3. And for more on the NY Times political reporting bias, there’s this:


    Jeremey Peters has a clear problem with presenting right wing activists as moderates, and his editors are clearly letting it happen. And the scary thing is that they may actually be complicit in it, swallowing packaged frameworks from the right wing PR machine, complete with supposedly neutral sources prepped for an interview.

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