Gratitude [NOT 22/11/22]

Hi, friends!

I hope your day is going well. The neighbor’s car alarm went off repeatedly last night, so I’m dragging ass today.

Topic of the NOT is what are you grateful for lately? I’m very grateful that several coworkers are taking tomorrow and Friday off in addition to the Thanksgiving holiday this week. Because my days will be much nicer if I don’t have to interact with them until next week.

Also, super grateful that caffeine exists due to the aforementioned car alarm situation last night. I am going to bed early tonight to try to get more rest!



  1. I’m just really grateful for pizza. Had some amazing pizza last night, and finished the leftovers today. Thanksgiving dinner is great and all, but I’m very grateful that pizza is a year-round thing.

    • I literally just bought one of their t- shirts.

    • I’m grateful I’m not one of those idiots in the press who was stunned that a vet might be hanging out at a gay club in the year 2022.

  2. I’m grateful for those humans who annoy me the least, and for the four darling doggos.

  3. I’m grateful for those friends who drop off a box of donuts at my door unexpectedly and text me about it after they leave so they don’t disturb me in case I’m napping.

  4. I am thankful that small children do not burst into flames when you say the number four.

  5. My youngest son turned 18 today! I’m grateful that I got them all through to adulthood, in spite of some of their best efforts 😳

    • Littlesmacks turned 18!!!???!!!

      Shit I remember back in the day when he was kiddo still.

      *dissociates and contemplates the passing of time for an indeterminate time*

      • Yep. BabySmacks is 18. Horrifying, isn’t it?? Lol. I remember posting the occasional picture on the old GT of him with his long, curly, blond hair.

        Oldest is 24, LittleSmacks2 is 21, and LittleSmacks3 is 19. All my babies are all grown up!

  6. Lots of the usual things, friends,family, blah,blah,blah. But mostly- dogs.

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