Brag About Yourselves [NOT 11/12/20]

smiling kitten and phrase "you're awesome thank you!"

Let’s have a positive post. Brag about things you’ve done recently or things you’re planning to do soon. I’ll start in the comments.

Reminder – there is literally nothing too big or small to brag about. Anything you’re glad you accomplished recently counts!



  1. I’ve been trying to work through my skin care and lotion stockpiles and in the past week I’ve finished off 4 things!


    I over-buy lotion and didn’t realize it until I moved and was what the fucking fuck how much have I spent at Bath and Body Works in the last 5 years

    I also got a lot of free gifts from buying cosmetics and realized I need to work through the stash before I keep buying most of the things I use. So… that’s been a fun realization of how I dealt with negative emotions by self-soothing with self-care/shopping.

  2. I finally started building the foundation of my wife’s greenhouse today, before being dragged away to help a friend rip out granite countertops in a kitchen.  That sucks  ass & I hate moving slabs of granite. My back hurts & this beer is not helping yet.

  3. I did a bunch of shit on the site that makes me feel like I can almost take a break before I get to some other stuff in the near future.


    If anyone experiences any issues, and you WILL, let me know via pm or email

    Don’t forget to try clearing your browser’s cache if you do experience issues. Some  possible issues on varying devices include:

    • images/gifs/videos not loading
    • notifications failing to load
    • messages not loading
    • “access denied” messages
    • initial login attempt kicking you to the WP login (in which case you should be able to click back and login)
    • profiles not loading properly
    • severe lag

    Don’t worry about it, everything is fine…just let me know please.

    Anyway…to that bragging thing…I am perfecting sangria. I’ve been experimenting and and I am the the point that I don’t even measure quantities anymore. And they are DELISH!


  4. The pilot I was working on that was shut down by covid is starting back up again. I did the covid test today. Start Monday – work a week – then two weeks off then the rest of it for about five weeks. Not really bragging but some good news because it was going really well back the first time and most of the time pilots are a f***ing nightmare. So, I’m glad this one started back up. 

  5. My victories are small. I got my Christmas cards out. There aren’t many, the few aunts I still have living, a couple of cousins, and some great-nieces and nephews I send gift cards to. And I made a duty phone call I was dreading. I rewarded myself with Thai food.

  6. Had a long busy week including studying/writing a final exam (external course) and worked some extra hours.
    I’ve been bothered for the last three days with a constantly dripping bathroom faucet (it’s 12 years old) and went this morning after work to buy a replacement.  It took 2 1/2 hours of struggling, yelling and cursing because some idiot (me) had over tightened the plastic mounts on the old faucet and in the process of removing them ended up shredding his knuckles and has now really sore/tight forearms.  Plus I had to replace the drain pipe to the sink.  Only mishap adding the new faucet was that I didn’t tighten the cold water feed nut enough and had a small puddle in the vanity.
    I finally went to bed at 1pm and woke up a couple of hours ago.

  7. I was stressed earlier this week because I’m trying to get our pod (from moving) emptied in time to get rid of it by Monday to avoid another billing cycle, and it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. But I’ve made enough progress over the week that I think we can finish it up this weekend.
    And I organized a ton of lildamnhero’s toys and clothes, sorting through stuff he’s outgrown to donate, finding logical places for things, and the big thing was actually sorting through a bunch of hand-me-down clothes from a friend.

  8. Is there the possibility of automating that process so you don’t have to spend time on it? If that impacts costs, I’d be willing to help chip in.


    I was on-call for almost 2 years and it fucking sucks and I don’t want others to be stuck babysitting things. 

      • I should also probably apologise for deleting the comment to which you were likely responding which punted your reply to its own thread and now nested thread.

        I worded it in a way that equated task optimisation and preloading (js/css/etc.) to load balancing (which I figured you know what it actually is so/and I was too dumb to word it properly before others saw it so I deleted it).

        Me waking up before the alarm goes off every morning:

        “OMG is the site working Is the DOT posted? Any messages about issues? Ok phew! Everything seems to be fine. Did people star the NOT? How many people showed up for the DUAN? OMG should I have posted that comment? Does it make sense even? Does it say what I want it to say or come across how I meant it? I shouldn’t have posted that comment *heart starts pounding* WHY did I post that comment? IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE TO ME ANYMORE. OMG the whole site is going to collapse because I posted that and I’m an idiot. *alarm goes off* OMG thank fuck that panic attack was a dream…OMG is the site still working is the DOT posted?”

        So, yeah, sorry I deleted that comment. 

    • Thank you for acknowledging that. The community makes it worth it, though.

      I recently paid for a plugin that helps with a lot of it, for now. It should keep things functional until I get to writing scripts that won’t be affected by core updates.

      I’m determined to get this place to be the best and most functional it can be with as little $ as possible…and considering I could’ve scrapped the whole thing last November when no one was paying attention and paid for Disqus or something and didn’t, I intend to stick to that plan…no matter how aggravating and time consuming it can be (is).

      Right now the cost is approx. $600 USD/year (over 100 of that is from me being an idiot so really about $500 which is about 100,000 CAD or something) my goal for October 2021 is to have it at under $400/year…as well as significantly less time on my part.

      I am very appreciative when people offer money to help support the community but other than a couple hundred for Manny and a couple hundred for me, I can’t think of anything to do with the money people might be willing to offer.

      I have thought of some ideas though. Once I get the Logo and Banner the way I want it (I know how I want it it’s just that all my graphic artist friends are alt-right idiots who are put off by the political content here so if anyone knows graphics [Gimp or Photoshop] please PM me) I could reach out to screen-printing and pad-printing friends for Deadsplinter merch which donations could pay for and with a tiny markup for shipping costs we could pay the 3-600$ for the site and get someone who knows accounting to keep records of the rest (so everyone knows exactly where every penny is going) and hold annual or monthly draws for all proceeds to go to the charity of the winner’s choice?

      Other than something like that, Manny and I are ok with the $. Thank you, as well as EVERYONE else who has offered to help fund this community, very much for the offer.

      I hope that made sense ^ I have never mentioned any of this to anyone so they’re just very strong sangria thoughts 🙂

  9. I walked the fence this week and mended some spots that needed fixing.  Learned that it’s best not to stand  behind cows because when they piss it’s like someone opened a fire hydrant (they’re not our cows, my neighbor has a few for milking and I was working on his side of the fence).  Also, I finally feel like I’m actually learning how to play this steel guitar.  It’s a wicked hard instrument to play, sort of like playing six theremins at once (I also play theremin, so I know).  I’ve pretty much got “The One Rose” nailed down, so I can play it for my wife when she comes home from Europe in two weeks.

  10. Well, this week I handled a fairly big translation project on a tight deadline, using a program that I hadn’t touched for a couple of years, mostly after work and occasionally straddling the midnight hour, for an agency six time zones ahead of mine.
    They were so happy that they gave me another one to do by Monday. . . .
    (Oh, and congrats on the job, brightersider. I’ll have to get some drive-thru frozen custard in your honor.)

    • It’s perfect frozen custard weather, I approve!

      Also extra money so good? Or more work for the same pay you are making at your job? … really hoping more money because all that extra work for the same pay suuuuucks

  11. Well, this week I handled a fairly big translation project on a tight deadline, using a program that I hadn’t touched for a couple of years, mostly after work and occasionally straddling the midnight hour, for an agency six time zones ahead of mine.
    They were so happy that they gave me another one to do by Monday. . . .
    (Oh, and congrats on the job, brightersider. I’ll have to get some drive-thru frozen custard in your honor.)

  12. i actually got a perfect score on my forklift licence exam
    (course i’d been driving one for years before anyone noticed i didnt have one so i was never worried about the practical side of the exam)
    but i also nailed the theory…not bad for only reading the book once the night before the test…check me being all brainy n shit! lol
    anyways i was just aiming to outperform the noobs taking the test at the same time…so job done..i impressed an instructor (course..i didnt tell him id been driving for years…didnt seem very smart to)
    all licensed now…works insurance just got a lot happier i guess

  13. Sounds like everyone had a great week, well done all!
    During a meeting this week that didn’t concern me I finished a sweater that was started in March of 2018. On paper it was a Salish Indian sweater with a rose motif but halfway through I found out my gauge was off so it became a heavily modified salish indian hybrid, but who cares, it is a wearable garment and warm as fuck.
    For my next trick I am attempting to copy a cheap 1970’s head shop cardigan in Lopi.

  14. I’ve been feeling like a good bit of “Hot Mess” much of the week, simply because of the MASSIVE shift in gears, of going from “Hybrid” to “fully online” with the kiddos, and my own resultant shift (personally!) of being exhausted, but then catching a “second wind” around 9 pm, and as a result, not being able to fall asleep until close to/after 2am🙃
    The change of working at the close Grocery store, and not having consistency in my evenings shift-wise yet DEFINITELY doesn’t help (because on work nights, I’m basically exercising for 5+ hours, and then need a bit to wind down afterward, too)…
    So my ADHD has been HARD to manage lately, (that whole “lack of a consistent schedule” thing!), and my Executive Function Skills have been pretty shitty…
    Buuut (and this is my brag/bit of good!😉😁💖) I just learned today, that ADDitude Magazine is running a 2-for-1 end-of-year subscription deal, and–filing this under BOTH “Excellent Work Resources” AND self-care, i got myself a subscription–AND was able to give the other to a co-worker who’s awesome (and who has a daughter who also is a SPED teacher–so I KNOW the second subscription will be READ, and very much appreciated!😉😁🤗)
    The other reason I got the subscription for myself, is that–like many magazines–ADDitude allows you access to ALL their old editions, when you have a subscription, and they’re old enough & well-respected enough in the field of ADHD, that I SHOULD now be able to find ways to scaffold my own ADHD, not just meet my kiddos’ needs😉💖
    It’s HARD for me to focus lately, or to get *going* on things, because either I’m losing track of time due to the opening-up of my schedule, OR I’m just spinning my wheels, because there are *too many options* of things to do, without one, consistent, overarching need that has to be done *first,* like there is & which burns OFF so much of my ADHD energy, when we have our kiddos in-person.
    And I KNOW this is ADHD/Executive Function stuff…. but it’s still; 1. hard to get rolling, on one’s own, and 2. Difficult to maintain momentum (especially when living with folks you LOVE having as roommates, but who ALSO have Executive Function & other assorted MH stuff of their own, which leaves YOU as the only one trying to *consistently* keep up with getting out the trash & recycling, AND keeping up with the dishes (like, I can’t even get help LOADING the dishwasher right now… which means we have a sink FULL of dishes at all times right now, inlets *I* do the dishes🙃…. and when my schedule is THIS inconsistent, and I’m not even EATING here most of the time to make  those dishes dirty, or contribute to most of that trash & recycling, it’s incredibly frustrating–because i am NOT anyone’s mom!😕🙃🥴)… and I’m just a bit worried about “using my words,” because I KNOW this is stress & Mental-Health related stuff, and I don’t want that roommate to spiral, like they sometimes DO, when this stuff is brought up….
    But y’all, I have two jobs, and MH issues of *my own* that I’m STRUGGLING with right now…. and I SERIOUSLY can’t keep up here, and it’s FRUSTRATING, when there are three adults who CAN help with this situation–two of whom are PCA’s, who are supposedly getting paid to help with these things… and I (the one who’s NOT), am the only one who IS trying to keep up.😟
    This was my main worry, when there had been talk all along, of “getting rid of the outside PCA help” and just shifting the work to inside the house/among family.
    I CAN’T keep up, and the sweet & well-meaning one is physically unable, because of their OWN physical and MH stuff, but unwilling/unable to see or admit that…
    And then that whole shame-spiral rears it’s ugly head… and, well, you see…😕
    So I’ll be researching some ADHD supports this weekend, and working on ways to strengthen my own skills, and also try to work on some plans going forward (because all this stuff will be a HUGE problem, if as I’m hoping, I DO start my classes in January!)

    • Second bit of good!– I forgot, I DID get registered for my classes, this past week, and I’m going to be ordering my books, so I CAN hopefully get started back up with the next cohort in January😉😁🤗

    • Years ago I read about using the snowball method to get rid of debt. Where you pick the smallest debt to tackle first because it’s the most attainable, even if there’s debt accruing higher interest rates, etc. Once the smallest debt is paid off, that amount gets thrown at the next smallest debt. Rinse and repeat. 

      At the time I was like “this is ridiculous, people should tackle what’s fucking them over with the biggest interest rates first” etc etc etc.

      Anyhoo, now yours truly is in fact using the snowball method for several debts. Because wow when there are any other stresses in my life, my long-term planning skills go to shit.

      Relatedly, I now use this methodology for cleaning and straightening. I literally start with “what’s the thing I can get done fast?” I don’t try to gauge how much effort all things will take, but I do the stuff that is quickest first because if I have too many things to choose from, I just shut down and avoid starting. So yeah, maybe taking some crap to the recycling bin isn’t the actual “messy” part of my kitchen. Or putting those dirty socks in the living room into the dirty laundry basket doesn’t address that massive pile of clutter, but it’s still something I needed to do and I’m starting somewhere.

      It might be helpful for you to try a similar strategy? Like a “what are 2 quick things I can do” vs “ohhhhh fuck there is so much to do in this room”?

      • I like this. But it is a big source of disagreement between me and my husband (in terms of clutter, which we have lots of). I want to tackle the little attainable stuff first, because it’s small and manageable and creates a better environment to hopefully fuel more successes. He wants to like, spend a full day doing back breaking labor on the hardest things, and does lots of sighing at me when I try to take a break. 

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