Ethical Cleansing

Let’s talk morality.

I’m an atheist. All my life I’ve heard people talk about how there’s no morality outside of religion, and how people like me have nothing stopping them from just deciding to kill. How moral without an anchor in divinity are flexible and relative. How we could never elect politicians like me, because of that “danger”.

Which brings me to the thing that triggered this post: on Wednesday a conservative christian Senator declared that if a US ally was going to “ethnically cleanse” another US ally, it might be ok to get out of their way and let them.

No attempt to hide the ball. No using weasel words to try to pretend it wasn’t genocide. No attempt to walk it back. He came right out and even used the phrase “ethnically cleanse”, as if it was just another part of normal international relations between friends. As of this posting, he’s standing by that position.

And I haven’t heard the moral arbiters in his party rebuke him for it at all. So that’s where we stand now. “Ethnic cleansing” isn’t the kind of thing that needs to be denounced anymore. And that’s the bottom of the barrel. There’s no further to go now that genocide is ok.

I wish I was shocked, but we’ve been racing here for some time now. And this story will be forgotten by tomorrow.

And thus, morality is dead in America.


  1. I wish I could say I’m surprised by this. It feels like the whole ‘own the libs’ mindset has moved past the internet masses and really taken root in the GOP leadership. I can’t understand how being in agreement with your political opposition can be worse than aiding with genocidal regimes and foreign governments who are working to subvert our government.

  2. Human religion, from all my studies on the subject, has never been about human morality. Never once. It has always been about power concentration and having a stack of people who support you and your principals blindly. Look at any religion through those filters and you see right away that it’s a proto-government that hides behind a deity instead of its politicians.

    With that understanding, it is easy to understand where the Senator is coming from. They feel they have enough support for their ideals they no longer need to hide behind the civility of moral outrage and social propriety. They can be the amoral aberrations we know them to be. And we can see all those that support them.

    As for what they’re doing in our government? They’re here to establish their own fiefdoms carved from the carcass of America the Dead.

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