Happy Hour [17/6/22]

I need a drink

It was a long, wild week. I’m ready to sit back and relax with a glass of wine. Maybe something light, dry, and medium-bodied with sweet, nutty vegetable notes. Wait…what? Thanks to the good folks at Tenderstem, you can now enjoy your Chardonnay infused with broccoli, available in England for a limited time. And it’s free because you have to give this shit away.

Now I like crucifers as much as the next guy, maybe even more. But this is where I draw the line. I think I’ll stick with an Aperol Spritz, a better way to enjoy white wine on a hot summer day. What are you drinking, Deadsplinters?



  1. Nothing yet. Some type of whisky or bourbon cocktail eventually. I have some new bourbon, 100 proof Riff. It is as close as we who cannot have nice things will get to BSB103. I  might just pour it over a bit of ice…it has been a week.

  2. infused?

    neh…im good…ill take a chardonnay with a side of broccoli and cheese sauce tho……i love me some broccocheese!

    anyways..im drinking the usual…and figuring out what to do with meself for the next two weeks….but it needs to involve at least an hour straight of excersize each day…coz i feel like i have hit the extra padding limit now….where if i dont act now…im gonna have a real job on my hands to fix it

      • no trips in particular ive wanted to make…but theres a lot of places around me ive never actually been to and i do have a decent bike again at mo..so yeah..i’ll ride about

        also motogp is in town this week…soo..its live music and other wierdness all over town all week

        ive got options 🙂

        aaaand i love brocolli and cauliflower…and cheese sauce….which led to me making……broccoflowercheese!

        i consider it a meal….its a broccoli..a cauliflower…and a fuckload of cheese sauce

        and its delicious

  3. Long day, went to Treehouse brewing in Cape Cod to pick up beer.  Such a pain to go in & have a beer I skipped it.  You have to prebook & pay in advance for beers!  Good beer but silly.  After being walked to death in Boston, finally enjoying those beers.

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