Looks;Like;We;Might;Be;Back;To;Good [DOT 23/9/22]

I think all is well. I was very much right about something I was told I was wrong about.

NO! I don’t mean what I said about semi-colons.

Curse you smart English knowers!

I have some testing to do over the next few weeks but I’m pretty sure we’re back to good.

Please let me know if you have any issues (with the site – not with me).

Welcome to Canada, Deadsplinterites!

It’s cold.

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  1. When posting comments, the post button will appear to lock up in “posting” status.  When it does that, just refresh the screen and your post should appear.  I’m sure our Canadian janitor will clean it up once the more important shit gets handled.

  2. ‘Canadian janitor ‘ is a great name for a band

  3. The Loose Cannon has ended up backfiring on everyone except Merrick.

    Seems like the chief and mayor got all up in Aileen’s face and took her legal gun and badge away while Trump is shrieking about some special legal political powers he claims he has.

      • That’s good news, so far.  Now we just need to get her sorry ass removed from the bench.  She’s clearly not done doing damage to this country in any way she can find.

      • Even if the 11th circuit found a way to side with Cannon somehow there is NO FUCKING WAY the current SCOTUS would decide that two separate entities could both simultaniously claim executive privilege over classified documents. Especially if taking into consideration what their end game is.

        Not a fucking chance.

        The votes aren’t there for Cannon’s impeachment but, at the very least, there should be a DOJ &/or legislative investigation into her egregious  conduct because it is more than just dangerous for the country…it’s a threat to democracy around the world.

        The world that is watching.

        • I don’t really see the Supreme Taliban taking Trump’s side in much of anything any more. He was a useful idiot, and his usefulness is long over. Let’s be clear — there is no way Trump will ever be president again. It’s only MAGA morons like Cannon that are still running interference for him, hoping against hope that he’ll somehow find his way back to office and will “repay” them with loftier posts.

        • Also, Trump’s “I just have to think about declassification for it to be declassified” is worse than my act of pleading ignorance when I got pulled over in BC for driving alone in the HOV lane.

          “A high occupancy what, officer? OOOOH you mean a carpool lane?!”

          “I see you’re from Ontario. We call them HOV lanes here.”

          “Thanks for informing me. I know now. Won’t happen again.”

          It did happen again. Every day. But I never got pulled over for it again.

          Trump thinks he won’t get pulled over again.

          Tish James says “what?”

        • …she’s not alone…the slew of federalist society acolytes they rammed through on to various federal benches will continue to rot various bits of the judiciary for a while yet all the way from top to bottom…but it seems like the 11th circuit isn’t willing to go to the sort of places that the 5th has been…& from what I can see the inalienable right of the serving administration to be the be all & end all of executive considerations is a thing even (maybe even particularly in some ways) this SCOTUS doesn’t have any interest in calling into question

          …but her approach has been wildly outside the lines in so many ways I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she wound up part of a wider set of indictments somewhere down the line for obstruction of justice

          …iirc she got seated in between biden winning the election & shit kicking off on Jan 6th…might have been after that but pretty sure about the not-until-he-lost part…& after he tried to shop for her on this & other cases (like the but-hilary-no-collusion thing that got slapped down pretty hard the other day) it seems glaringly clear that she’s there expressly for the purpose of flaunting the authority it gives her to overstep in order to perform a service for the as-yet-unindicted one-term-blunder

          …one of the things from emptywheel I cited in the DOT-that-wasn’t yesterday was about the ways his efforts aren’t really about the law or particularly interested in properly engaging with it (let alone in good faith) & she’s front & center been a pivotal part of that

          …given time…well, she might not be given time but hopefully some consequences might hove into view…unless they manage to re-up on the kind of positioning that let barr get away with the egregious misrepresentation of the mueller report stuff & it’s procedural death sentence in terms of ensuing charges?

  4. Thanks Myo. Thanks Great White North!

  5. OMG – thank you Myo – you are the best! (I’m not clever or funny like those above, but I am sincere in my appreciation of you and your efforts.)

  6. We appreciate all you do (all everyone does), to keep this site going etc.

    Thank you from the Whitney family.

    • But is it actually weird that you don’t hear it on the news? I’m surprised I don’t hear more islamophobic opinions like “See! We are justified in banning Hijab.” Then again, I’m not reading propaganda from France or Quebec.

      • The press is committed to the idea that Iranians are a monolithic swarm of America haters, and any kind of complexity messes up that idea. It was even stupider with Iraq before the US invasion, but a  similar attitude.

      • It works for both political parties though, re-thugs can say “see how evil Iran is?” and dems “this is what you next fight will be if the re-thugs regain power”.  Plus just for new purposes, violence is golden.

    • Thank you Myo! Feels like home.

    • The hound and I were welcomed to Canada today on our predawn daily walk. It was in the high 40s and windy, which I was not expecting. The hound loves weather like this, so his time outside was much longer than usual, allowing my bare hands to freeze and go numb.

      I blame Canada for this weather.

    • I’m supposed to go to Puerto Rico for my niece’s wedding in 2 weeks.  I’m trying to convince my wife to cancel & the selfish bride won’t even address the thought with anyone in the family.  Her father won’t even return phone calls from any of us.  Ugggg!  What a shitshow!

      • You have my vote. I would bail without hesitation. Make a donation to Puerto Rico in the bide’s name instead of taking resources away from them. Also feign illness to shield yourself from family drama.

        • Seconding @HammerZeitgeist on all this! It would be irresponsible to try to have a wedding down there with the slew of power and infrastructure problems, not to mention the damage to and strain on emergency and medical resources. Beg out, make a donation, call it good. I would be stunned if you were the only invitees to do so.

      • Agreed with everyone. Time to punch out.

        I’d pass on sending a gift, too because of how they’re dealing with this.

        Just use the money for a donation to PR disaster aid.


  7. Absolutely let’s DOT, y’all.

    It’s time to fix this mess.

    U.S. Supreme Court approval plummets to record lows as court expansion gains majority support

    By all means, please share your fascism with the nation.

    House Republicans’ agenda gamble

    You can’t fix stupid.

    Republicans just can’t help themselves. They have to talk about cutting Social Security and Medicare

    Things ain’t going so well, Republicans.

    Morning Digest: Republicans just triaged the first House race of 2022. It likely won’t be the last

  8. I’m not sure why our governor hasn’t done what Seattle is doing seeing that his whole presidential campaign was about environmentalism but one step at a time I guess?


    and I will just leave this here…

      • …someone ought to ask biden if it’s ever crossed his mind to declassify anything potentially incriminating about his predecessor

        …I dunno…they unredacted a bunch of stuff in the affidavit that accompanied the mar-a-lago search warrant because the guy can’t keep his mouth shut about dirty laundry the DoJ was in no rush to air

        …& last time I checked a lot of that mueller report is still blacked out?

  9. Looks like Florida Man is gonna walk on this one.

    Career prosecutors recommend no charges for Gaetz in sex-trafficking probe

    If the paywall trips you up, apparently the prosecutors think that the girl’s testimony won’t pass muster with a jury, and that Gaetz’ running buddy Joel Greenberg, career criminal, has credibility issues. To which I have to say, yeah, Greenberg is a scumbag, so he’d be easy to discredit on the witness stand. 

    But fuck. 

    • …yeah…that sucks…the idea that they think their witnesses might be too easily discredited seems like a poor reason to not take that shot

      …but…not altogether as much of a shock as it feels like it should be?

      • Yeah, it falls into the “to be expected” category.

        Problem is this dude is basically a predator and he will do it again. His type never learn from close calls; they take them as evidence they can get away with anything.

        • …the part that was doing my fucking head in the other day still does

          …it’s not that a moderately-well-heeled white guy from a privileged background might get away with creepy & sexually predatory behavior…though that’s ample fodder for enragement it’s sadly also too often the case to escape that feeling that against all concepts of fairness or justice that’s alarmingly close to being par for the course

          …it’s that instead of barring him from public office or at least making him the electoral equivalent of a radioactive albatross…he will almost certainly be re-elected

          …I’m prepared to accept that my feelings on a given matter may be misplaced or that someone with a point of view I don’t agree with might have a point or a better answer than I can offer

          …but to vote for that man to retain a lucrative position of political influence is an act of blind political partisanship that I fundamentally can not wrap my head around

          …I’m just about convinced that under the wrapper there’s precious little difference between the people who keep him or mitch or manchin in office & the ones keeping rees-mogg or gove or whoever the next round of malignantly solipsistic legislative tumours the tories produce in safe seats…& in some ways I think the way the latter achieve that is simply given an almost incomprehensible lack of serious consideration…whereas with the US examples…somehow it’s harder to understand how they can manage to keep their heads buried in enough sand not to get how entirely fucked up that is or how it directly fucks them over personally?

          …it’s hard to make the adjustment from the way, say, someone comfortably middle class in the home counties can carve themselves an echo chamber where it seems like keeping a tory in their seat is a better option than letting anyone else be in charge on the one hand…& how someone in gaetz’s state would talk themselves into thinking “yeah, I’m happy to vote for that guy”?

  10. welp…the UKs plan to fix the economy seems fairly suicidal…. straight out of the conservative playbook tho….tax cuts for all! but especially the rich! and we’ll pay for it with increasingly expensive loans as the pound crashes! wooo!


    yeah….i see this going….poorly

    • …to quote the good place…holy mother-forking shirt-balls…that shit is beyond bonkers

      …fuck all that austerity bollocks we’ve been banging on about…or fiscal responsibility…or any of that other tripe we said was caviar…no…with a general election coming up…whenever we can’t avoid it any more…what we need is to carve off a massive wedge of the tax take & leave it in the pockets of people who are well off enough that they might not notice if the accountants don’t tell them…& we can also spend money all over town to stop homes & businesses having to confront the true cost of fuel…that will cost just as much if it’s fracked at home instead of imported…except with bonus damage to the old home turf

      …I’d go on…but…god damn they’re all&in on not having to look at any of this shit square on & there aren’t enough hours in the day?

      • yeah im not allowed to mention it at home……turns the missus into a quivering ball of rage

        really starting to look like a grab what you can and burn the place down as you get out to me

  11. Thanks for your hard work, Myo.  You think you could stop by here and take a look at my Gateway computer?  The cup holder doesn’t pop out when I press the button any more.

    • I thought it was a danish warmer.  You mean I’ve been using it wrong all this time?

  12. Good job Myo!

    Though what did the lowly semi-colon ever do to you?

  13. Hooray; glad to see that we’re back; thanks to Myo; and to Canada; and of course to semi-colons.

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